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Imagine attaining luxurious flat ironed or curly hair perfection, while blow-drying your hair in half the time it used to take. Instead of Blow Drying and additionally Flat Ironing your hair in two separate procedures when looking for that salon inspired look, the new AirIron nozzle can help you do the job in a fraction of the time. By using this revolutionary new beauty tool, the time needed for the process of straightening or curling your hair can be dramatically reduced and the task can be achieve in less than half the time it normally used to take. This scientifically advanced break-through is a major time saving tool for woman all over the world who desire to achieve a professional hair styling look while saving the user 30 to 60 minutes in the process.

This groundbreaking attachment is lightweight and designed to offer years of service.

The AirIron is designed to universally fit almost all existing hair blowers and dryers on the market today and features a scientific heat resistant rubber docking closure to insure its integrity. AirIron heats up instantly with no warm up time and puts no power drain on your existing Blower with no extra power cords to tangle and get in the way of the AirIron. The unique nozzle design contains a flat metal vented plate that is heated up by the hot air being omitted through your blower, thereby combining the flat iron phase or curling phase of styling in the actual blowing and drying stage saving you precious time. This groundbreaking attachment is lightweight and designed to offer years of service. This product has been tested in Hair Salons by professional Hair Stylists who were given the test prototypes and now refuse to return them as this tool has made their jobs so much easier. Licensed hair stylists who have over 50 years of combined experience in hair care and product improvement have developed this advancement.

Try it For Yourself!

AirIron Features

  • Cuts Time In Half.

  • Universally Attaches to Most Electric Blowers.

  • Scientific Metal Vented Ironing Diffusor.

  • Instant Warm Up.

  • Blow Dry and Iron in One Easy Step.

  • No Wires or Plugs to Impede Its Use.

  • Lightweight for Easy Use and Travel.

What Our Customers are Saying

  • AirIron arrived. It’s great. Had a quick go on dry rain messed up hair. Looks better already.

  • Just finished drying my hair and this thing is a game changer for me! Love it!!!!

    Gina G.
  • It works fantastic! My hair has no frizzes and looks silky smooth!

    Terrie G.
  • It was great. I love that it blows faster and more of your hair!

    Lisa P.
  • I used it yesterday. It works great!!! Incredible idea! Great product! Amazing!

    Lisa L.
  • I just used my AirIron! Amazing product. My hair is super straight and it did it in like half the time!!! WOW! Gonna tell all my frizzy haired friends about it!

    Tracey G.
  • It’s really great!! I don’t understand how it does get it so straight!

  • Best thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Life changing!!!

  • As per my daughter, it’s a WINNER, ordering my second one for me today! Worth it for sure!

    Shari B.
  • Just ran to my car on this horrible hot rainy day and NO FRIZZ in my hair! Thank you AirIron! You/re the best!! Love it!

    Jodi G.
  • Wow!! Great item!! Volume increase, hair feels fuller. Really like it. Will let the kids try it next!

    G K.
  • Love it! I did one side of my hair without it and the other side with! Big difference! My girls agreed!!

    Jodi T.
  • OMG I just dried my hair with the AirIron and it’s amazing!!!! I can totally see the difference. It dried my hair with no frizz

    Helena G.
  • The AirIron attachment is amazing!!! I have curly hair, but when I want it straight, it does the job!!!!

  • Obsessed!! 1/2 the time and my hair is soo soft – not real!!! Love, love, love, it! XOXOXO

    Sammy D.

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